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Most economical method of machining
  • Push or Pull Type
  • Can achieve finish bores upto 7 tolerance.
  • Had collaboration with Oswald Forst, Germany
  • CNC – Profile grinding & gullet grinding machine for flat & spline broach
Internal :- Round, Keyway, Straight or Involute Form, Serration & Special Internal profile.
External :- Connecting Rods, Turbine Blades, Shifter Forks, Steering Racks.
Design Capabilities:
Any Special Profile requirements.
M2, M35, M3 Type II, M42, ASP23, ASP30, CPM T15, CPM M4,
Size Range:
Round & Spline – Dia. 15mm – 250mm, Length upto 2000mm Flat width – 4mm to 200mm
Within 0.01mm
Key Parameters:
Essential for economical machining, particularly for complex internal and external shapes.
Each broach is specially designed as per customer's requirements.
Milling and slotting operations can be converted to Broaching for faster production rate and high accuracy.
MATS world-class standards come from over 30 years experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing.
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