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Shaving Cutters
MATS shaving cutter is a high precision tool in the form of a disc type helical gear with slots running down the flank, forming cutting edges. The helix angle of its teeth is different from the helix angle of the work gears to facilitate the smooth finishing (shaving) of the flanks of the works gears.

Gear shaving cutters are designed to suit the specific finishing requirements of work gears. Therefore complete details of work gears along with cutter details, if available, are required to design and manufacture shaving cutters. The cutters are normally manufactured in PCD 150 mm to 300 mm with suitable face width and bore as per requirements.
The Process:
The gear shaving process improves the surface finish of gear flanks to great extent and reduces tooth profile error, index error & lead error on work gears manufactured by hobbing and shaping operations. The requirement of crowned tooth form or taper tooth form to avoid end bearing condition is achieved by the shaving process.
The process of shaving involves running the shaving cutter in tight mesh with the work gears at high speed on the gear shaving machine. During rotation, the cutting edges sweep over the work gear flanks and remove fine hair like chips.
The cutter drives the work, which is fixed, between the two live centers and the work (gear) reciprocates transversely or diagonally or by the plunged method. Work gears with hardness upto 30 RC on the gear teeth can be shaved to achieve a high grade of surface finish and reduced error in index, helix angle, tooth profile & eccentricity. The shaving operation is carried out with suitable cutting oil.
Advantages & Applications:
With reduction in various errors of gear teeth and improvement in surface finish, gear noise is reduced to a great extent while transmitting high power at high speed. The life of gears is also enhanced. Modification of tooth form to crowned or taper shape by shaving eliminates tooth end load concentration in surface and increases the factor of safety. Shaving is done at high speed, involving a very low operation time. This is the fastest and most economical method of producing quality gears; since the cutter can be resharpened, the total no. of gears that can be finished by a cutter is quite substantial.

Gear shaving is thus extremely useful in the mass production of highly accurate gears for automobile industries at reasonably low cost and at a high rate of production.
Key Parameters:
Improved surface finish of flanks and accuracies of profile
Produce high accurate gear at low cost.
Range : 170 mm to 260 mm PCD.
Material : M2 & M3 (II) type of HSS material.
Also carry out resharpening with profile correction
Module : 0.8 M to 6.35 M.
Special design for lower than 1.50 modules.
Used for finishing operation of Gears for Automobile Transmission & other similar Engg. Industry.
Each Item tested on Hoffler Gear Tester.
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