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Shaper Cutters
The range of standard shaper cutter covers all normal requirements.
Disc, hub, shank and pinion type shaper cutters with straight and helical teeth for spur and helical gears, in the range of 1M to 14M(25 DP to 18 DP) Tailor made shaper cutters to suit special requirements.  
Shaper cutters conform to DIN 1829/BS 2887.
Class AA : Ultra-precision shaper cutters with relief ground teeth, for highly accurate gears.
Class A : Precision shaper cutters with relief ground teeth, but with less accuracy than AA.
Class B : Commercially ground shaper cutters with less accuracy than AA and A.
Class C : Ungrounded/machine relieved shaper cutters.
Basic Tooth Profile:  
The basic tooth profile of our hobs conforms to DIN 3972/BS 2062 Modified profile with corrections: Semi-topping , Protuberance and semi-topping, Protuberance
We also undertake manufacture of hobs as per other standards, and we can design and manufacture custom-built shaper cutters if component drawings are supplied.
Key Parameters:
Improved surface finish of flanks and accuracies of profile.
Produce high accurate gear at low cost.
Range : 170 mm to 260 mm PCD.
Material : M2 & M3 (II) type of HSS material.
Also carry out resharpening with profile correction
Module : 0.8 M to 6.35 M.
Special design for lower than 1.50 modules. Used for finishing operation of Gears for Automobile Transmission & other similar Engg.
Industry. Each Item tested on Hoffler Gear Tester.
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