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Solid Hobs
The range of precision hobs:
Most economical method of machining
  • Spur and helical gear hobs in the range of 0.5 M to 20 M (50 DP to 1.25 Dp)
  • Straight and involute spline hobs
  • Serration hobs.
  • Worm wheel hobs.
  • Shank type hobs.
  • Taper hobs (Graphite electrode & Nipple hobs)
  • Sprocket hobs.
  • Tailor-made hobs to suit special requirements.
Class of accuracy:
Hobs are manufactured with the following accuracies, as per DIN 3968/BS 2062.
Class AA : Ultra-precision hobs with relief ground teeth, for highly accurate gears.
Class A : Precision hobs with relief ground teeth, but with less accuracy than AA.
Class B : Commercially ground hobs with less accuracy than AA and A
Class C : Unground /machine relieved hobs.
Basic Tooth Profile:
The basic tooth profile of our hobs conforms to DIN 3972/BS 2062
Basic profile I & II: For finished gears

Basic profile III: For roughing gears with grinding allowance, and shaving gears with shaving allowance.

Basic profile IV: For roughing gears prior to finishing operation.

Modified profile with corrections: Semi-topping - Gear tooth tip chamfer, Gear tooth tip thinning, Full root radius, Protuberance and semi-topping, Protuberance, Full topping. We also undertake manufacture of hobs as per other standards, and we can design and manufacture custom-built hobs if component drawings are supplied.
Key Parameters:
Module: 0.5 M – 20 M; Dia. : 50 to 250 mm (also DP series)
Start: Single or Multi Start.
Accuracy: AA, A, B & C (as per DIN 3968)
Forms : Non-Topping, ST, T, finishing, pre-shaving, pre- grinding, with or without protuberance, tip relief, full fillet, etc.
Material : M35, M42, ASP 30, ASP 2052, etc.
Each Item tested on Hoffler Gear Tester.
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