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Broach Sharpening Machines
Manufactured as per International ‘Non-CNC Design’ for better life at low cost.
This machine is most suitable to meet the general requirements of sharpening broaches in small or large industries. This low-cost machine is designed specifically for resharpening as well as nicking operations of circular and flat broaches, back off operation on cutting teeth of flat broaches. Its rigid bed, well balanced and vibration-free grinding spindle enable the machine to perform with high precision.

MACHINE BED Two sizes:
(a) Standard for broaches upto 2000 mm length
(b) Extended for broaches upto 2300 mm length.
Stress-relieved, fine grain casting machine bed provides sufficient rigidity, damping of vibration and stability against distortion. The guides of the bed are protected by specially designed bellows.
Grinding Spindle is accurately balanced with specially designed high precision matched pair bearings. Required speed can be obtained by rotating speed changing knob having 5 steps.
The carrier facilitates swivel of the grinding spindle upto 900 around horizontal axis. With this facility the grinding spindle can be set to the required angle to get proper rake angle. This also makes it possible to back off tooth top on the flat broaches with swivel of the grinding spindle carrier slide.

Integral headstock casting increases rigidity keeping the machine vibration-free. Required speed can be achieved by rotating speed changing knob. The speed obtained will be displayed on Digital Speed Indicator.

Spring loaded tailstock quill with 25 mm stroke helps in quick withdrawal of the sleeve and setting of the broach between centres with the correct spring pressure.

Rack and pinion arrangement with gear train provides smooth and effortless movement of the saddle along the bed length and slide carrier in vertical traverse. Separate control wheels are provided to operate the saddle and the spindle carrier.

Manually operated lubrication pump facilitates oiling of all moving parts.
FREQUENCY CONTROLLED AC DRIVE FOR GRINDING SPINDLE enables selection of the suitable spindle speed.
DUST EXTRACTION SYSTEM is ‘suction system’ mounted behind the machine and driven independently. Powerful suction extracts grinding dust promptly, ensuring safety and cleanliness.
NICK GRINDING ATTACHMENT for nicking operation (providing chip breakers) on cutting teeth of circular as well as flat broaches.
DIGITAL READ OUT (DRO) UNIT For accurate positioning of the saddle and the grinding spindle while sharpening.
Key Parameters:
Must for all Broach users for in-house sharpening for better life, accuracy & no down time.
Low cost high performance machine.
For resharpening Broaches with unique Nick Grinding and back off attachments. Digital Read Out to control sharpening & accuracy.
Rigid construction, Well balanced, vibration-free grinding spindles.
Sharpening Range:Max. broach dia. 120mm, Max. width of flat broach 200 mm, Max. distance between centres 2000/2300 mm, Max. sharpening length 1500/1800 mm.
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