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Master Gears
Master gears are extremely accurate gears used as standard for composite checking of regular gears in production units, for elements such as redial runout, tooth thickness, profile variation and meshing action. Manufacture of spur and helical master gears has been indigenously developed with Class IV accuracy as per BS 3696:1963 and DIN 3962 to 3967 standards. Master gears can be used on any internationally standardized roll tester like Parkson, Goulder Mikron, Hurth, Carl Mahr etc. We recommend master gears with maximum number of teeth for your roll testing machine. Master gears with less number of teeth can foul the root fillet of the gear being checked. A single master gear may not be used to check gear of a given pitch but with varying number of teeth because meshing depth varies with number of teeth and tooth thickness. While sending enquiry or order, please send details of your product gears with complete gear data along with details of Master Gear/Gears if already in use. Please give M/DP, PA, number of teeth, reference standards with grade of accuracy, Bore Size, Rolling condition, tooth thickness etc.
Key Parameters:
Extremely accurate gears – Spur & Helical.
Accuracy Class IV BS 3696: 1963 & DIN 3962 to 3967.
Used as standard for composite checking of regular gears.
Range : Module 1-5, Max. OD 160 mm & max. face width 35 mm.
Material : M2 or SAE O1/O2
Can be used on roll tester like Parkson, Goulder Mikron, Hurth, Carl Mahr, etc.
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