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Inserted Blade Hobs
MATS Built-Up Hobs are made from smaller cross-sections of pre-formed forged and rolled bars of Molybdenum grade High Speed Steel, hardened, ground and separately fixed in, a toughened body made from special steel. End rings are fitted at either ends of the Hob to ensure a positive grip and provide for proper clamping arrangements.
Salient Features:
The blades being made from comparatively smaller cross section of H S S pre-formed forged and rolled bar, have advantage because of superior carbide distribution and grain structure. This results in obtaining optimum heat treatment and imparting improved and excellent cutting properties.
The blades are ground in a worm configuration with large dia grinding wheels with affluent use of coolant. This enables Closer accuracy on modifying features, eg. Protuberance, semi topping, topping etc.
A uniform tooth profile ground from start till end. Preventing grinding burns.
Because of separate grinding of blades and subsequent fitting in the body, higher relief angle is possible, unlike in Solid Hobs, thus improving the cutting efficiency. MATS Built-up Hobs have straight gashes, making resharpenings easier and minimize the resharpening errors. Built-up Hobs can be used at higher cutting speeds and feeds.
Build-up Hobs are proved to have:
Long tool life and an exceptional stock removing capacity.
Better heel width (more resharpenings)
Larger useful length (permitting more number of Hob shifts)
Optimal cutting edge geometry (higher degree of accuracy).
In totality lower cost per component. The Built-up hobs can be supplied TiN coated.
Key Parameters:
Larger useful length – permits more number of hob shifts
Can be supplied Tin coated.
Material : Blades – Specially forged Body – Spring Steel
Accuracy : AA, A.
Forms : Same as Solid Hob.
Size range : 0.75 to 9 Module; Dia. : 80 to 150 mm.
Longer tool life and exceptional stock removing capacity.
In totality lower cost per component.
Each Item tested on Hoffler Gear Tester.
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